Every time again projects follow more or less the same sequence and I must say that I love to work together on this way.
Loads of information pass me during the project and every single part of the furniture is discussed and worked out into detail.
Sometimes it seems that a detail cannot be produced in a perfection that you want but it can take several  days or weeks to allow the solution to be born in your brains. I have learned that once you come to the best solution that presenting this idea to the carpenter or the steel worker gives them the advantage to even upgrade to a more simplified or balanced execution. Also their solutions brings me to a higher level.
​​​​​​​Thinking and developing in both directions, practical how it can be produced and esthetical how a detail is in balance with the total concept is a wonderful challenge. On top of that, the products have to keep their beauty under tough exterior circumstances such as sunshine and salty environments.
The only way to realize this is working together in direct contact with experienced producers who uses their imagination how the influence of these circumstances will have their effect on the details, the finishing and material choices and how to maintain the quality.
To work with all these beautiful materials, together with the experienced makers, realization of the ideas of the designers and to bring all together in the right details gives me the most satisfaction I can wish with this excellent  job I have.
I want to thank all clients that have the trust in me and my team to realize one of your products and we are looking fwd to execute every possible product you have in mind. We love the challenge of difficult projects with a high level of complexity; this is the food our talents cannot do without.

Arjan Leerdam
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